Dear pianists!


Below on this page there is an audio player with piano pieces which are offered for performance.  The quality of the recordings is not too good, and that is why new recordings of these compositions are needed.

Please choose the piece which you would like to perform and write to me about it at and I will send you the score. Let me know how much money you would charge for your performance and recording of the piece. (Or, maybe, you would like to perform and record it free of charge?)  If I agree with the amount then please play and record the piece and send it to me.  If the technical performance, quality of the recording, and interpretation (style of playing) are satisfactory to me then I will send you the money via mail (check) or by any other means acceptable to you.

I suggest that you base your interpretation on the audio recordings presented here.

In playing these compositions, the pianist’s task is to feel the logic of the internal tensions of each piece as it develops, expressing this logic through the richness of the sounds produced.  The performer should listen to the emotional progressions carefully, giving the listener the opportunity to respond directly to the feelings and meditative ideas which are induced by the sounds.

Technically, most of the pieces in this collection should not be difficult to play by a pianist of average technical skills.  There are very few hard chord sequences or virtuoso passages; however, there are some complicated rhythmical figures which demand some skill from the pianist.

So, listen, choose, and write to me at


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